Saturday, 19 March 2011

Cod Tool v4.1

Hello everyone I have now released my cod tool v4.1 it includes everything from v4.0 (some bugs have been fixed) and i have added NEW tools/ features.


New tool: Menu Tool v3.0 This is like my other tools but includes every code you will need and is aimed at advanced users (people who know how to mod bypass and how a menu works) as the program allows freedom to set out your mods as you wish (unlike other menu tools)

New feature: NEWS I have added a news feature that will be uploaded when ever i think their is something you should know about e.g new tools, ideas, CFW.

Credit to Telepot for the lag switch (more credits are given in the credits section of the program)

Enjoy and the Menu Tool v3 and I made it in 7hours so could/ will have some bugs please inform me if you find any.


  1. This is amazing! thanks! but I've been seeing allot of menus like the mw2 menus on cod4 lately so i was wondering if you could make a cod4 tool that has a background thing on the screen when you open it.