Monday, 21 March 2011

Look my tool is on the front page of PS3News

I  don't no if anyone noticed but my new PS3 tool "FW Library" was featured on the first page of, I would just like to thank them for this as hopefully it will help my work spread.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

PS3 FW library tool v1.0

As some of you will no I am the creator of the PS3 cod tool series, but I have now decided to make a PS3 FW library tool

Thanks to DevineModz for the video

The tool contains a bunch of PS3 OFW's and CFW's as well as Homebrew apps.

You just browse the easy to use GUI to find what you are looking for, then you will be given a description of the file and be able to download the file.

98% of the download are direct
2% Take you to a website with the line
0% have surveys

I put the tool together in 5 hours to it could have bugs, if you find any please inform me and I will get them fixed.

Also if you think I have missed anything out please let me know and I will add it in (if its necessary)

Updates will be coming soon and you will no when a update is out due the the update feature in the program.

Also the program has a news section were I will put news on PS3 CFW, news on geo hotz (we have to support him) and news on my progress with the tool and what the next versions will include.

Enjoy, Modder1337

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Cod Tool v4.1

Hello everyone I have now released my cod tool v4.1 it includes everything from v4.0 (some bugs have been fixed) and i have added NEW tools/ features.


New tool: Menu Tool v3.0 This is like my other tools but includes every code you will need and is aimed at advanced users (people who know how to mod bypass and how a menu works) as the program allows freedom to set out your mods as you wish (unlike other menu tools)

New feature: NEWS I have added a news feature that will be uploaded when ever i think their is something you should know about e.g new tools, ideas, CFW.

Credit to Telepot for the lag switch (more credits are given in the credits section of the program)

Enjoy and the Menu Tool v3 and I made it in 7hours so could/ will have some bugs please inform me if you find any.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cod Tool v4.0 is now out

I have released Cod Tool v4.0 it includes:

Download CoD Tool v4.0 
-Lag switch (thanks to Telepot for the code)
-Advanced text editor

Cod4 mod tools
-List of cod4 codes
-cod tool v1.0 (allows you to make simple mods e.g dpad left = god)
-mod menu tool v1.0 (allows you to make a full menu)
-mod menu tool v2.0 (allows you to make a full scrolling menu with 12 slots +more mod options than my v1.0
-cod4 decompiler
-leaderboard tool
-class editor

MW2 tools (not many)
-Clan tag editor (beta)
-MW2 patch codes
By Modder1337

Credit to Telepot for the lag switch

I am now working with Telepot

I am now working with Telepot, and we have joined our sites " and" If you are a member at please sign up to as this is going to be our new site as the site has a better interface and faster host also Telepot had done a good job making the site.

Sign up and join our modding community.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

CoD Tool v2.0 Release

Includes Mod Menu Maker By Modder1337


NEW CoD Tool v2.0 with Mod Menu Tool

After 12 hours of continuous coding and testing CoD Tool v2.0 by Modder1337 is now complete.

CoD Tool v2.0 has the same as CoD Tool v1.2 but now includes a Dashboard and A Mod Menu Builder So you an make your own cod4 mod menu's

Please stay tuned as Release will be later today (06 Feb 2011)